SocialShare Terms Of Service

Introduction to SocialShare

SocialShare is an application to measure and analyze the social sharing of content and its evolution over time.

From websites and blogs selected by the User and / or Subscriber, SocialShare collects all RSS related questions and, simultaneously, the public API sharing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google + Linkedin in order to measure the share.

Based on the evidence obtained, SocialShare present, online, the User and / or Subscriber including a summary statistical data on selected sites and blogs, articles, sharing, evolution and calculations of value added.

Subscribe to SocialShare - Acceptance of terms of use and sale and proposed rates - Retraction

User is considered anyone using SocialShare in its 'basic' version or for free before subscribing to any plan. The Subscriber is the person who subscribes to a plan by paid subscription. Plans are the different formulas proposed to use or subscribe to SocialShare. SocialShare is available to the User and / or Subscriber, Internet, depending on the chosen only for subscribers Plan: either directly on Socialshare platform following the instructions, or via the twitter account of the user and / or the subscriber.

Prior to registration, the User and / or Subscriber are encouraged to read these terms and conditions and sales as well as the proposed rates. By validating their registration they accept them without reservation. All Subscribers gain from his first subscription to a plan of a right of withdrawal without having to explain its decision, nor to bear costs other than those provided for in Articles L. 121-21-3 to L. 121-21 -5 of the Consumer Code This right of withdrawal may be exercised (as the model available at following address : by registered letter to the address below during IDV within 14 days of purchase of the Plan.

However, if the subscriber wants to immediately use the maps proposed by IDV, he has to agree to do this and give up the withdrawal period above in accordance with Article L121-21-8 the Consumer Code ( ).

As activation password, user and / or subscriber feature a personal account SocialShare where they can view online all the subscribed data plan (nature, duration, date maturity) and the invoice relating thereto.

Plans proposed rates and duration of subscriptions

The various plans and rates for subscriptions are available on the Platform SocialShare at the following address : Only the Plan "discovery" includes a free 14-day trial period. In the absence of any subscription plan at the end of the trial period, the user will receive a limited free version of SocialShare called "Basic."

Subscriptions to a Plan is a monthly subscription, from date to date, starting to run from the law. It is then automatically renewed every month unless canceled by the Subscriber.

Termination may occur at any time. It takes effect on the date of expiry of the relevant period indicated on the personal account SocialShare Subscriber and viewed and downloaded online bills such account.

Payment Terms

Each subscription is payable monthly in advance in euros by credit card via the secure payment service BRED PAY SYSTEM subscribed by IDV. A first rate place on the day of the conclusion of the first enrollment in a plan. The following monthly rates are then made on the first day of the subscription renewal by tacit agreement.

The data recorded by the secure payment system constitutes proof of financial transactions.

Each Subscriber acknowledges that the disclosure of information on his credit card authorization is monthly debit from his bank account via his credit card number in favor of IDV tanto monthly subscription fee chosen (Please check with your bank). The price charged is the rate in effect on the date we receive the payment. It takes account of the French VAT. Invoices can be viewed and downloaded from the personal account SocialShare Subscriber.

IDV reserves the right to suspend any subscription for whom there is a default did not result in an adjustment period of 10 days. Failure to pay by the deadline shall immediately require that all the amounts due to IDV. It also entails the application, without any reminder, a late penalty equal to three times the legal interest rate per month of delay. Furthermore, in accordance with the Act, any professional situation in arrears shall automatically be debtor, in addition, in respect of IDV, liquidated damages for recovery costs, amounting to 40 euros per invoice.


Information collected and presented by SocialShare are from public data that can not, under any circumstances, be held liable IDV when their content.

The user and / or subscriber is solely responsible for the use he makes of SocialShare, measures and analyzes resulting therefrom.

The number of public sources mentioned in the planes can vary depending on the quality of their flow. IDV reserves the right to change them.

SocialShare undertakes to exercise due care in use to ensure proper operation of the SocialShare platform. It shall not be liable, nor the price of the subscription decreased under: from malfunctions of the Internet; delay or failure is based on a case of force majeure or an event beyond its control, or even because of the user.


These general conditions of use and sale as well as subscription and pricing formulas can be changed at any time by IDV and will apply upon publication on SocialShare platform.


In case of dispute regarding these terms of use and sale conditions, only the French law is applicable and, unless settlement, only the Parisian courts have jurisdiction even if connectedness of third parties and multiple defendants .

Copyright and Intellectual Property

SocialShare is a registered trademark of IDV. The general structure, as well as text, animated images, and sounds SocialShare are the property of IDV. Total or partial reproduction, by any means whatsoever without express permission is prohibited and constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L 335-2 of the Code of intellectual property. © 2013 IDV All rights reserved.

Data Protection and Personal Data

The information collected is subject to a treatment intended solely for the use of SocialShare and managing customer relationships.

IDV also agrees not to disclose any information obtained by him for the use of its platform SocialShare of any kind whatsoever to any third parties.

In accordance with the "and Freedoms" of January 6, 1978 amended in 2004, you have the right to access and rectify information concerning you, which you can exercise by contacting the Editor at the addresses shown below.

You can also, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of personal data.